Marta Kaemmer
The space inside of a cup holds liquid and gives the cup meaning. The silence between notes adds to the structure and rhythm of music. Art makes the intangible tangible. Space shows us our relationship to the world and people around us by defining distances and boundaries. Silences can speak louder than words. My awareness and curiosity of these gaps motivates me to search for a way to understand and express the intangible. I'm intrigued by the concept of object and space: the space surrounding a form, the closeness, the distance, the felt and not said, the silences.

I look at the canvas as a form and question what the form can hold. This has led me to include three dimensional work in my artistic practice as well as two dimensional canvas or sheets of paper. Mark making, texture, color and light define space and distance through visual perception, which in turn creates a mood or psychological presence.